The Supervision (Advanced Training) Course lasts over 2 years and consists of 5 course modules of 4 days (2 weekdays and 2 weekenddays) each. In the 1st year 2 modules are offered and 3 modules in the 2nd year.

The Supervision Course is offered to graduates of the 3 years’ training course and to therapists out of other professional directions.

The course fee is CHF 225.- per day, including course material (does not include board and lodging).

Tutors of the course are trainers from the International Biosynthesis Training Faculty during 12 days and Dr. hc. David Boadella and Dr.phil. Silvia Specht Boadella during 8 days (1st and 5th module. You will receive the registration form from the secretariate in Heiden or register online >>>.


 The postgraduate training course consists of the following aspects:

1.   Case studies and clinical

Participants can present cases from their therapeutic practice. The feedback is based firstly on

  • the principal defence pattern of the client and the question of whether they are able to discover their essential qualities,

and secondly on

  • the transference pattern of the therapist and the question of what they can learn from this to help them develop new strategies.

2.   Theoretical and practical exploration of special clinical themes

In this part of the course we will investigate individual case studies more intensively. Suggestions and themes can be generated by the group or the group leader.

3.   The theory of different styles of bonding

In competition or collusion? We look at the respective bonding pattern between the therapist and the client. They are inhibiting somatic resonance and somatic presence.

4.   Different strategies of therapeutic intervention

What is appropriate at what time, and how is it suitable for different character types and the problem in question? We will work with the Biosynthesis therapy hexagram. How do I behave with the client? What method do I have as options? Which would I prefer to take depending on my abilities?

These questions are intended to help every individual therapist to find their own essential qualities so that he or she is able to meet the client beyond the level of the problem.

The foundation and advanced training courses are integral components of the Biosynthesis diploma. Anyone who has completed both the foundation and advanced courses and the required number of individual therapy sessions, individual supervision and independent therapeutic practice, can finish their training with a Biosynthesis diploma.
A detailed information sheet on gaining a diploma is available from the International Institute of Biosynthesis IIBS. This training is recognised by the Swiss Charter for Psychotherapy (SCP), and corresponds to the requirements specified in both form and content.

In Brussels in October 1998, Biosynthesis was the first body-psychotherapy method to receive scientific recognition from the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP).

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