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We are happy to announce, that the Festschrift for David Boadella’s 80th birthday is published.

Friends, former students,
colleagues and trainers have contributed interessting articles,reports and poems.

The festschrift is published in english and german and can be ordered for
25CHF each excl. shipping or
5 journals for 20 CHF each
excl. shipping
at Erwin Kaiser:



Vorwort 5
Swimming in the ocean of life, Stanley Keleman 7
«… und was ist auf der anderen Seite?», Erwin Kaiser 9
Die Rhythmisierung des gesellschaftlichen Raums, Susanne Maurer 23
A poetic sensibility, Sally Potter 35
«Der rote Faden…», Gerlinde Buchholz 41
It always happens when truth touches us, Lily Anagnostopoulou 43
Lieber David, Lehrer, Pfadfinder, Geburtshelfer, Freund! Stefanie Lange 45
Stirring the Depths, Tom Warnecke 49
Politik, Gesellschaft, Gesundheit, Psychotherapie, Alla Polskaya Scheuber + Andreas Scheuber 63
David Boadellas 80th Birthday, Liane Zink 73
Post Tenebras Lux, Veronika Schmidt 75
A gentle breeze as grounded as a mountain, Eunice Rodrigues 79
«Please open your heart and mind…», Susanne Meyer Bretschneider 81
The Motoric Fields in Biosynthesis and the work
with survivors of sexual abuse, Helma Mair 83
Spiritualität und Gefühle, Daniel Perret 99
How Somatic Psychology Informs Elementary
School Praxis, Marta Collins 109
erd-licht – erd-licht – erd-licht, Erika Wiebogen 123
The clouds of Character in the conscious sky, Gil Arad 135
The spirit of Biosynthesis, Bernd Laserstein 149
Tracing Life Trough Painting, Gabriele Hoppe 157
Bondingarbeit einmal anders, Barbara Schlochow 165
Die Einfachheit als Ausdruck der Perfektion, Ulrike Lichtenberg 175


“Energy & Character” is dedicated to the theory and practice of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology, Somatic and Depth Psychology oriented Psychotherapy, and Transpersonal Psychology. The journal has been in publication since 1970, and has featured more than 850 articles in German and English today. The publication has been available in German since 1990. Almost all renowned authors in the field of body-psychotherapy have written articles for E&C. For many of them it was the first time their work had been published.

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