Overview of Themes from the Training Program

Somatic process


Character dynamics


Therapeutic interaction


Essential development

Principles of dynamic morphology

The embryogenesis of the body and its evolutional relevance

Breathing work

Posture and movement
Connected channels in the body

Organ systems and lifestyle

Armour segments

Depth processes in the body

Basic psychosomatic structures

Energy Medicine:
therapeutic work with the energy-centres of the body


Character as a defence strategy



The four elements of touch


Existential emotion –  making contact with the “inner ground”

Polarity and character development



Therapeutic presence and somatic resonance

Contact signals

Topography of essential development – finding qualities and resources

The biological and socialised body



Bridges between verbal and non-verbal communication

Personal diary

Methods of interaction; transference and  counter-transference

Methods of interaction; transference and  counter-transference

Dealing with the “inner teacher”

Object relationships

Object relationships

Work with the essence – somatic mindfullness meditation

Structures of early childhood development and relationship



Indications and counter-indications

Interventions on pre and perinatal themes

Coping with personal past progressively

Self-observation, identification and disidentification



Trauma understanding and biosystemic treatment of trauma

Therapy and healing – common features and differences

Recognition and transformation of the shadow



Polarities in the therapeutic method and selecting appropriately for the process


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