Achtung: Neue Strukturen und Daten

In the training courses, the students study the theory and methods of Biosynthesis.

The data for the new training will be published soon. If you are interested please contact us by e-mail at


Each Training begins in May. It lasts over 3 years and consists of 3 course modules of 7 ½ days (4 ½ weekdays and 3 weekend days) per year. The payment commitment is for one year at a time. If necessary the contract can be cancelled at the end of each year.

After 3 years students receive a certificate showing how many training hours they have completed.

The training contains the following elements:

  • theory and method training
  • self-experience
  • supervised therapy practice
  • evaluation process

Overview of themes from the training Program

Conditions of admission for the foundation training course:

Usually graduates in human sciences are accepted and professionals who work in a psychosocial field and other degree courses. We also welcome applicants from groups such as (trainee) practitioners of alternative medicine as well as therapists, who like to deepen their knowledge. If you have any questions on this matter, our secretary would be happy to provide you with information over the telephone.

During the introductory training we explain the structure of the course and answer any other questions about the structure and content of the course.

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