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CH-9410 Heiden / Switzerland
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The introductory courses will be held in 2 languages (german and english), the same as our training courses and our extension courses.


Please pay the course fee of CHF 390.– in advance.
You will receive the bank details for the transfer with your registration confirmation.













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Registration and course conditions

1. Confirmation of registration:
Registration will be on a first come first served basis in the order that deposits are paid. Course participants will receive confirmation of registration upon receipt of the deposit.

2. Reservation of places / cancellation:
The place will only be reserved upon receipt of the course fee. In case of cancellation the deposit paid will be refunded with a deduction of CHF 50.– if the place can be filled by someone else.

3. Liability:
Course students are responsible for their own actions within the context of the course.

The International Institute for Biosynthesis IIBS and trainers running the courses accept no responsibility for accidents or for consequences arising from the course. The student must confirm that he or she has accident and health insurance, and that he/she will maintain this policy for the duration of the course.

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