Dr David Boadella

(born 1931), B.A., M.Ed., D.Sc.hon., Psychotherapist recognised by the Swiss Government, ASP, UKCP and ECP.
Studied education, psychology and literature. Trained in character- analytic vegetotherapy. Founder of Biosynthesis. Since 1985 he has undergone ongoing further training in “Psychosomatic Centering” (Robert Moore, Denmark). He has spent over 40 years in psychotherapeutic practice. He holds lectures worldwide, and is the author of numerous books and articles. In 1995 he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the “Open International University of Complementary Medicine” for his pioneering work in the development and promotion of Energy & Character, as well as for his contributions to social sciences in this context.

A selection of David Boadella’s books: “Befreite Lebensenergie/ Lifestreams” (Kösel / Routledge), “Wilhelm Reich: The evolution of his work” (Arkana).


Dr Silvia Specht Boadella

(born 1948), Ph.D., Psychotherapist recognised by the Swiss Government, ASP and ECP.
Studied philosophy, literature, psychology and art history. Trained in Biosynthesis. Since 1985 she has undergone ongoing further training in “Psychosomatic Centering” (Robert Moore, Denmark). She spent four years lecturing at the University of Kanazawa (Japan). There she dealt intensively with Zen Buddhism and trained in Buto dance with Kazuo Ohno. Since 1985 she has had a psychotherapeutic practice for individual and group therapy. Since 1986 she has been a Biosynthesis trainer at an international level and director of the IIBS. She has published a book: “Memory as change” (Mäander).

«Die tragende Haut»
Arbor Verlag Freiburg
ISBN 978-3-86781-134-7
12,90 Euro (D) / 18,90 CHF UVP


Erwin Kaiser

(born 1955), lic. phil. psychotherapist SPV, homeopath HVS/SHI, trainer and supervisor in Biosynthesis – somatic psychotherapy.
Erwin studied psychology, psychopathology, marketing and business administration at the University of Zurich. Two years study of theology. Formation in acting and theatre at Ecole Jaques Lecoq and  following  two years the “Laboratoire d'Etude du Mouvement” at Paris with Jacques Locoq and Krikor Belekian. 3 years training in Butoh dance performance  with René Schmalz, Switzerland. Formation as homeopath at SHI in Switzerland. 5 years training in Biosynthesis and 5 years assisting in Biosynthesis training with David Boadella and Silvia Specht Boadella. Training in SE (Somatic Experiencing) with Steven Hoskinson and Peter Levine. Erwin worked more than 10 years with drug-addicted people in psychiatric hospital and in long term-rehabilitation. He works also in his own private practice in Zurich.
Erwin is specialized in the treatment of traumas, of addictions and the often therewith connected personality disorders. The treatment of traumas ranges from pregnancy trauma and birth trauma to the symptom complex of single traumatic experiences, like accidents and force experiences up to development traumas of the childhood, which are caused by a more long continuous and repeated traumatic experiencing.   
Erwin works with the trauma in an individual and resource oriented way.  This means that symptoms in the body can be dissolved creatively; both the access of the client to his trauma and the creative solution, which he finds together with the therapist, are individual.

Gabriele Hoppe-Stux

(born 1956), International Biosynthesis Trainer, Psychotherapist WCP, Art therapist, Director of the Biosynthesis Institute of Santa Barbara,CA, Faculty Member of the Santa Barbara Graduate Institute, CA, Faculty Member of the Plateroti Center for Holistic Medicine, CA, lecturer of the German Acupuncture Society Düsseldorf. Working in her own Praxis in Düsseldorf since 1992.
Article published in E&C „ Painting as lifeline“

Ulrike Lichtenberg

born in 1956, married, one grown-up son. Healing Practitioner for Psychotherapy in private practice.
1975 Germanistik/Slawistik studies at Heidelberg University. 1980 Physiotherapy training in Berlin.
From 1984 until 1999 I worked at the University Hospital for Psychiatry and Psychosomatic Medicine in Tübingen as a movement therapist. Within a team we developed somato-psychotherapeutic concepts for people with eating disorders, addictions, borderline syndroms and even schizophrenic patients.
I also was a teacher for Psychiatric Movement Therapy and together with a colleague offered advanced training for working with schizophrenic patients in different cities.
I learned Craniosacral Therapy and started to work in private practice as well. I also completeted a depth-psychologically based body-psychotherapeutic training, named Funktionelle Entspannung.
In 1999 I began the Training at the IIBS with Silvia and David Boadella and completely switched to my private practice, working individually and in groups. 2005 I was assigned as a trainer and supvervisor at the IIBS and asssisted in a 3-year- training and several trauma seminars with David and Silvia Boadella.
2009 I started a training in mother-prenate-bonding-analysis with Jenö Raffai and Ludwig Janus. In addition to that I have been co-leading Pre- & Perinatal Process Groups in recent years.

Gisela Marxen-von Stritzky

(born 1958), DSc, Studies in Biology and Geography, doctorate in Landscape Ecology, Naturopath.
1982-1985 Biosynthesis-Training, 2 years  further education in Biodynamic Therapy,
since 1986 student by Hetty Draayer (Breathing meditation),
since 1995 further education in family constellation.
Member of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Systemaufstellungen).
Founding member of the International Forum for Political Constellations IFPA.
Single, pair and group therapist in own practice  since 1990.
Main focus: psychosomatics, accompanying of people in the helping professions,
Training therapist, supervisor and trainer at the International Institute for Biosynthesis (IIBS),
Teacher in education and further education for German Naturopaths at the “Hessischen Heilpraktikerverband”, for psychosomatic and psychotherapeutic topics.
Leader of further educations in breathing meditation by Hetty Draayer for people in helping professions.
Lector of the German books from Hetty Draayer “Das kosmische Auge – wie wir den Weg der inneren Heilung gehen”, Kösel-Verlag 2002 and “Finde dich selbst durch Meditation – ein Lese- und Übungsbuch”, Schirner-Verlag 2007.

Bernd Laserstein

Bernd Laserstein lives and works in Freiburg/Br. He is a Naturopath, Dipl. Biosynthesis Therapist, teaching therapist and supervisior. He is trained in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and a lecturer at schools for Naturopaths and author of several articles in the journal Energy & Character.

Stephanie Lange

(born 1967), study in socialwork, app, children and adolescent psychotherapist,  Psychotherapist (HPG), Biosynthesis training therapist and supervisor. Trainer for Biosynthesis and Energy medicine. assistant at the Biosynthesis Institute of Santa Barbara, CA for 3 years, assistant in the supervision course at the International Institute for Biosynthesis IIBS in Switzerland.
Working in her own practice since 2004 in Cologne. Consultant for a clinic and  an advice center for women with the emphasis on Eating disorders, energy work and Trauma.
Article published in the german edition of E&C about eating disorders.

Leena Hässig Ramming

married, mother of two sons. Lic.phil in psychology, and criminal law. Psychologist FSP (Federation of Swiss Psychologists), psychotherapist, training therapist and supervisor in somatic-psycho-therapy Biosynthesis. Co-worker at the Integrative Forensic Psychiatric Service at the  University of Berne (50% since 1984). Psychotherapist. training therapist and supervisor in private praxis. President of the Professional Commission of the FSP. Co-founder and Vice-President of the Swiss Society for Psychology of Rights, delegate of the Berne Psychological Association in the FSP.
She offers courses and workshops among others for the FSP, the Swiss Psychotherapeutic Association SPV , the Agogis, the School of Social Workers, the Help for Probationers in Canton Bern, and the Justice Department of Canton Zürich on the theme of help for victims, psychotherapy in the penal system, and psychotherapy with violent women., treatment of severely traumatized people (PTSD), debriefing, ways of responding to violence against oneself and others, and  personal safety in the social professions. Own  publications and publicity work at irregular intervals.

Esther Bulang

(born 1963), Dr. med.
·Living in a partnership, two adult daughters
·Specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy (psychodynamic), specialist in Ophthalmology, therapist in Therapeutical Archery (Hakomi)
·1983-1990 study of medicine at University of Leipzig
·1990 approbation as doctor
·From 1990 to 1995 education in Ophthalmology, specialization in eye surgery and Neuro-Ophthalmology, specialist in Ophthalmology
·Scientific work and taken my doctor’s degree in Neurology/Neuro-Ophthalmology at University of Dresden in 2003
·2003 short term operation as surgeon and trainer for eye surgery in Kenya
·2003-2006 head physician of an Eye Clinic
·2005 start with the psychotherapeutical education in theory of Depth Psychology and start of an educational psychoanalysis at Institut for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy in Dresden
·Since 2006 change of occupation as a doctor to Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy, work as a single and group psychotherapist in psychosomatic rehabilitation, at the University clinic of Leipzig and inpatient Psychiatry
·2009-2010 education in Therpeutical Archery (based on Hakomi)
·Since 2007 education in Biosynthesis-Bodypsychotherapy and assistant in Biosynthesis trainings (basic trainings and supervision course)  by Silvia and David Boadella
·Since 2012 Specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy (psychodynamic)

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