1. Training Institutes

2. Institutes for Advanced Trainings and Advanced Training programs

3. The associated members of Biosynthesis introduce themselves


1. Training Institutes


International Institute for Biosynthesis in Switzerland

    Switzerland EAPTI
    International Institute for Biosynthesis IIBS
    Benzenrüti 6www.biosynthesis.org
    CH-9410 Heiden / Switzerland

    Tel.  +41 (0)71 891 68 55
    Fax  +41 (0)71 891 58 55
    Chairmen: Silvia Specht Boadella, Ph.D.,
    David Boadella, B.A., M.Ed., D.Sc.hon.

Argentinian Institute for Biosynthesis

Brasilian Institute for Biosynthesis in:

Chilean Institute for Biosynthesis

Czech Institute for Biosynthesis

    Czech Republic EAPTI
    Czech institute for Biosynthesis
    Eliášova 21
    Praha 6, 160 00 CZ

    Phone: (00420) 733 715 260
    Chairman: PhDr. Barbora Janečková, Ph.D.

Greek Institute for Biosynthesis

Irish Institute for Biosynthesis,


    Naas Primary Care Psychotherapy Ltd,
    First Floor Suite 1 & 2,
    Vista Primary Care,
    Co Kildare

    Phone: (00353) 45896690
    Mobile: (00353) 872382978


    Chairmen: Austin Breslin ICP ECP Attracta Gill MA ICP ECP

Israeli Institute for Biosynthesis 

Portuguese Institute for Biosynthesis

    Portugal EAPTI / Spain
    Centro de Psicoterapia Somática em Biossíntese
    CPSB Head Office
    Av. 5 de Outubro, nº 122, 5º Esq.
    PT – 1050-061 Lisboa

    Phone: (00351) 21 793 53 26
    Mobile: (00351) 96 393 97 50
    Fax: (00351) 21 249 87 69

    Chairman: Maria del Mar Cegarra Cervantes

Russian Institute for Biosynthesis

    Russian Institute for Biosynthesis
    LLC “The Center for Psychological Consulting and Body Psychotherapy”
    TIN / RRC 7714955305/771401001
    IX-3, 32, Begovaya street, Moscow, Russia. 125284
    Phone: +7910 4047832

    Chairman: Victoria Berezkina-Orlova


2. Institutes for Advanced Trainings and Advanced Training programs

  • German Advanced training program for Biosynthesis

Through Biosynthesis as a registered trademark in all these countries and the creation of the International Foundation for Biosynthesis IFB that administers the quality management of the guarantee mark “Biosynthesis” and takes care of the worldwide coordination of congruent training standars, a title protection is ensured.


3. The associated members of Biosynthesis introduce themselves

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