The associated members of Biosynthesis introduce themselves

Form for Member Lists

What associated members will receive



The associated members of Biosynthesis introduce themselves

The following information will take place according to the declaration of the members themselves

The therapist lists of Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria and Switzerland can be ordered in written form at the IIBS and will be sent by post or e-mail.

For the therapist lists of other countries please contact the respective Institutes.

The classification is in alphabetical order: Austria, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland.
As soon as the members of the other Institutes will be registered on their websites, the alphabetical order will include the Institutes of these countries and they will be linked to the memberpage of the website of the respective Institute.

Member lists

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> Argentina
> Austria
> Brazil
    > Natal
    > Salvador
Sao Paulo
    > Rio de Janeiro
> Chile
Czech Republic
> Denmark
Great Britain
> Ireland
> Netherlands
> Norway
> Russia


Form for Member Lists

We ask you to write your personal entry for the IFB memberpage in a correct way.

Maximum 500 characters  but please condense as much as possible. Vacant items will not be displayed.

For later adjustements and changes please send an e-mail to:
Please do not send a new form!
Please also send passport fotos as e-mail attachement to this adress (JPEG files preferred).

Updates are made approx. every fortnight.

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What associated members will receive:


Representation on the international website of the IFB

Your representation on the IFB-website has the following advantages:

  • The publication of your personal particulars
  • Mailto-function for your personal e-mail
  • Link to your homepage
  • Activation of your picture next to the entry in the list
  • Active advertisement of this website through the IFB
    It is mentioned worldwide in connection with Biosynthesis by professional organizations, Biosynthesis-institutes and therapists


Representation on the List of Therapists

The list of therapists for Germany, Denmark, Norway, England, Austria and Switzerland can be ordered in written form at the IIBS; they will be sent by post or e-mail.

They will be handed out at the IIBS and can be displayed at other institutions as well, such as clinics, in the praxis of colleagues, schools of naturopaths, Universities and also at events such as congresses and conferences.

The list of therapists in other countries will be sent by the affiliated Institutes.


Information about Biosynthesis

IFB- news, newsletters via e-mail, including:

  • Announcements of extension courses
  • Summaries of the new Energy & Character journals (German and English)
  • Congress Information
  • Research projects
  • Professional-political advice
  • Further information


The Rights to use the Logo Biosynthese® / Biosynthesis®



Members will receive the Biosynthesis-Logo for

  • Print in CMYK for color printing
  • Print in monochrome
  • In RGB for screen display, such as in the
    Internet where it can be used as a banner

The logo can be enlarged and diminished, suitable for 150-30 mm breadth. The Biosynthesis Logo will be sent to you as an e-mail attachment by Petra Bär and Dieter Krieger


Password for the Website IFB-Biosynthesis Peers

This website serves as an insider platform for dialogue and discussion about Biosynthesis. The password will be sent by Bernd Laserstein (coordinator of the Biosynthesis peer groups) directly via e-mail.


10% Payment reduction for Biosynthesis Congresses

With your registration please pay 10% less and annotate “IFB membership”.


Cooperation in Specialized Commissions


ECP form for Psychotherapy

Will be sent by the IFB/ IIBS

ECP form for Counselling (in preparation).

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